Personal Injury

Unexpected and Overwhelming! Many of our clients express these concerns when they first see us. Our office will provide you with legal counsel that is immediate, personal, effective and local. The Marsh Law Firm has been representing victims of auto crashes and other personal injury injuries for over 40 years in Longmont.

Our clients look to us for:

  • Answers to their questions.
  • Assistance and counsel in dealing with their medical needs.
  • Assistance and counsel in dealing with the financial crisis that disability can bring.
  • Getting the insurance monkeys off of their back.
  • Obtaining and optimizing compensation for their losses and damages.

Personal injuries are almost always unexpected and often perceived as catastrophic. We can help. Our office works to obtain practical and effective solutions. Assistance with your need for immediate and effective medical treatment is often our first focus. Insult is added to injury when faced with the realities of delivery of medical care in these situations. Our office works with our clients to coordinate insurance coverage for necessary medical treatment. Med-pay coverage is the best solution. For some people, the benefit is not available or the limits of the policy are not adequate. In some circumstances, clients have no health insurance, med pay insurance, Medicaid or Medicare available. In some cases, we can facilitate obtaining medical treatment based on an agreement to pay fees out of any settlement or judgment.

The reality for many of our clients is that they have to deal with a number of legal issues at a time when their medical, legal and financial issues are overwhelming. Some of these are:

  • Insurance Company of the At Fault Driver. Very shortly after the crash, it is typical that our clients will receive a telephone call from the insurance company of the at-fault driver. This insurance adjuster will often make statements or imply things that are simply untrue. DO NOT SPEAK WITH THE INSURANCE ADJUSTER OF THE AT-FAULT DRIVER. Our office immediately contacts this insurance company and you will not have to deal with them directly again.
  • Your Insurance Company. If you have an insurance agent, we will contact them immediately. They are often the most reliable source of quick information that is likely to be helpful to you. We are interested in whether you have Med-pay coverage. If so, we will assist you in getting this coverage active by obtaining a claim number and contact information for the Med-pay Unit. Do you have uninsured/underinsured coverage that might directly benefit you?
  • Your Health Insurance. Some health insurance companies will take the position that some other company is “primary” and that they are not required to pay claims regarding the auto crash. This can be very disruptive to the medical providers that you have used for years. We are able to assist you to clarify which insurance carrier should be paying. In some circumstances, if you desire, we communicate directly with your doctors to advise them as to how to get their bills paid. In some circumstances, we need to work with the medical provider to deal with the denial of some or all of the medical charges.
  • Communicating with the Authorities. In some cases, the police or District Attorney’s Office will ask for information from you. We assist you with regard to this. We also do what we can to seek to an order for an award of restitution in the traffic/criminal case from the at-fault driver.

From the very beginning, we take all of the steps necessary to maximize your award for your economic damages, permanent impairment and noneconomic damages. It is something that is woven into each and every step that we take in the process. This involves working with you to obtain necessary medical care not only for treatment of your injuries but to document your losses and damages. We often counsel clients as to their communications with their medical providers to be clear and concise in communicating the nature and extent of their injuries.

Another important aspect that we deal with his lawyers is the issue of keeping any damages award for the client. Colorado is no longer a no-fault state. As a “Pure Tort State” health insurance companies, Medicaid, Medicare and medical providers will often have and/or assert claims against you from your settlement/award. This is subrogation law. It is complicated. Colorado has some rather unique laws available to assist injured parties regarding these claims. Our office has the knowledge and experience to champion your cause and minimize payments from you to insurance companies.