Elder Law

Elder Law addresses the needs of clients as they age and become increasingly dependent. The primary legal tools that we use are General Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney and the Living Will. However, documents created without a careful understanding of the family needs and their financial abilities and inabilities can prove to be very ineffective. Again, we use very practical solutions to address your needs. Issues relating to health care have never been more confusing. Our office has the experience to deal with the idiosyncrasies of your health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. Proper planning can facilitate effective delivery of health and medical needs.

Elder Law also works with clients to do everything to keep the elderly in their home and avoid institutionalization. There is a bewildering array of medical and home health care options available. Long-Term Care Insurance is one of the most effective tools for addressing these issues. However, many people find themselves without adequate coverage and/or the inability to obtain coverage. Our office works with our clients to obtain effective and affordable care.