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Business Transactions Attorneys In Longmont, Colorado

The ability of a business to realize success in its market depends on many things. One of those is its legal foundation. A business lawyer will assess the nature of the business, its market, the number of owners, the relationships between the owners, and other considerations before recommending the type of entity that best matches the objectives of the business. For closely held entities, the choice is usually a limited liability company or a corporation. Occasionally, a partnership or joint venture may be the preferred choice. There are tax consequences for each choice of entity. The client should ask the lawyer to work with an accountant or CPA familiar with the client’s business.  

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Owners may choose to rely on handshakes, or they can be more sensible and rely on a written agreement spelling out the relative rights and obligations of each owner. Members in a limited liability company need an operating agreement. Owners in a corporation need a shareholder agreement.  

Businesses need a record of internal operations and documented authority to act for the business. Boards of directors, shareholders, LLC members are often required by law to hold annual meetings. Preparation of meeting minutes, board or member resolutions, and similar records require a lawyer familiar with how a business operates.   

Businesses need transactional agreements. The nature and complexity of the agreement depend on things like the size of the business, the nature of its market, its geographical imprint, the number and skill-level of its employees, and the types of other businesses with whom it interacts.  


Mr. Marsh represents closely held businesses and has done so throughout his career starting in Chicago and continuing in Colorado. Several of these clients are long-term. Most of the businesses have some connection with real estate, but his representation also includes retail, franchise, service, and non-profit operations.  

He is and has been outside corporate counsel for a school district, a hospital district, a YMCA, and a regional religious organization with churches in four states. He consults on matters ranging from best practices in corporate governance, protection of trade secrets, NDA’s, asset purchases and sales, and financing. 

He has prepared, negotiated, and reviewed every type of agreement listed below. Some agreements are intended for repeated use; others are used for a single transaction (such as an Asset Purchase Agreement). He has a library of these forms curated by his years in practice.  

Sample agreements include: 

  • Purchase and Sale Contracts 

  • Short- and Long-Term Supply Contracts 

  • Distributor Agreements 

  • Asset Purchase Agreements 

  • Property and Equipment Lease Agreements 

  • Contractor and Builder Agreements 

  • Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements 

  • Covenants Not to Compete 

  • Confidentiality Agreements 

  • Non-Disclosure and Trade Secret Agreements 

  • Security Agreements and Financing Statements 

Mr. Marsh brings experience and competence to business transactions.