Rich Marsh

Bankruptcy Non-Discharge

Real estate broker (A) “crossed sign” of another broker (B) who obtained high six figure judgment against broker A. Broker A filed bankruptcy. Marsh obtained non-discharge judgment for Broker B for intentional tort.

Prescriptive Easement

Developer's land use plan threatened to extinguish historic access road to stone quarries. Marsh obtained state court jury verdict on claim of prescriptive easement using expert photogrammetry technology.

Church Schism

Schism developed in large local denominational church. Dissenters attempted to use nonprofit corporation code to disaffiliate from parent church and take church property. Marsh obtained dispositive rulings nullifying dissenters' efforts.

Unfair Competition and False Advertising

Nutritional supplement merchandiser knocked off unique product developed by small start-up company. Marsh obtained federal court jury verdict for start-up on Lanham Act claims for unfair competition and false advertising.

Defense of Business License

State Department of Revenue threatened business license of truck driver training company. Marsh prevented revocation and secured favorable conditions to license.

Trade Secret

Competitor sued oil well pump inventor in federal court for stealing trade secrets. Marsh secured dismissal of all claims following preliminary injunction hearing using expert ASCI technology.

Defense of HOA

HOA unit owner and former board member sued association for accounting and to reverse board policy actions. Marsh defended HOA and obtained trial court award of attorney fees for the HOA.